Engine 247: One of our two primary response engines. It includes a foam system, hydraulic rescue tools and assorted firefighting and rescue equipment. 
Mini Attack 10: primarily used for motor vehicle accidents, brush fires and weather related incidents. It also carries Marine 10, our rescue boat. 
Ladder 52: 75 foot ladder primarily used for elevated rescues, structure fires and used for mutual aid for adjoining districts. 
Engine 248: the second of our primary response engines located at Station No. 2. Class A & B foam systems, hydraulic rescue tools. This truck responds to more calls than any other in our fleet
Chief's Trucks: Each of our three chief's are equipped with command vehicles so they can quickly get to emergencies. 
Tanker 15: Carries 3,000 gallons of water and is used in the western portion of our fire district not supplied with fire hydrants. This truck responds to more mutual aid calls than any other in our fleet.